The PDO Île de Ré Potato

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  • Cooking
  • The PDO Ile de Ré Potatoes can be boiled, steamed or browned with butter or olive oil. It all depends on the way you wish to eat them. If you are looking for a meltingly soft texture, you can chose to steam or boil them in a slightly salted water.
  • If you like them a bit crusty, you better brown them so that the skin can fry. Apart from the cooking method, the Ile de Ré potato can get along with any type of seasoning (spices, herbs, sauces, creams, etc.) and with every type of dish (meat, fish, seafood, salad, etc).
  • In short, the Ile de Ré potato holds well in all its forms and is perfect for all your culinary experiences, from the most simple to the most extravagant ones!
  • preparation tips of the PDO potato from the Ile de Ré
  • Peeling
  • The PDO Ile de Ré Potato is, among other things, characterised by its really thin skin. And it’s because it’s so thin that its skin can perfectly be eaten. Thus it is not necessary to peel the potatoes: browned, steamed or boiled, they can be cooked and eaten with their skin.
  • Of course, it is also perfectly fine to peel it, without any loss of savour for the potato! There is no strict rule to follow, you are free to cook it as per your preferences and to explore the thousand and one facets of this potato!
  • preparation tips of the PDO potato from the Ile de Ré
  • Preservation
  • This potato is more fragile than the other potatoes varieties. To keep its visual and gustatory qualities, it must be protected from the light which makes it turn green and it has to be kept in cool temperatures (8° to 12°C).
  • As fragile as a fruit, it can be preserved only a few days (9 days after the packaging as a maximum).

The PDO Ile de Ré Potato

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