The PDO Île de Ré Potato

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How the island Ré cooperative works

The cooperative produces about 2000 tons of potatoes per year thanks to the work of 19 producers members of the cooperative who cultivate 130 hectares of potatoes on the island.

Throughout the potato season, from early april to early july, the members bring their harvest to the cooperative. It is then analysed and certified to make sure that it does correspond to the criterias of quality required by the bill of specifications. The producers are then paid according to the amount of harvest but mostly according to the harvest quality.
Finally, the cooperative is in charge of packaging and selling the precious potatoes across the country.

The cooperative main asset is to allow a gathering of forces, production means and savoir-faire to constantly improve the potato quality but also to promote and defend it at best.

The PDO Ile de Ré Potato

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