The PDO Île de Ré Potato

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The PDO Ile de Ré Potato
a commitment, a high-quality

potato producers of Ile de Ré

Our producers

  and their commitment!

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AOP potatoes Protected Designation of Origin

the PDO

the Protected Designation of Origin...

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re island


  from vines to potatoes

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cooperative charente-maritime

the cooperative of Ré

  Territory, sea side, land side

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potato chefs from Ré

the Chefs

  who cook the Potato of Ré

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recipes around the potatoes of Ré

the Recipes

around the potato of Ré

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The PDO Ile de Ré Potato

The PDO Ile de Ré Potato is a spring potato characterised by its thin skin and small size. Every year the potato delights the taste buds of the one who knows it and the one who discovers it. It is perfect for every kind of dish and is endlessly declinable: this potato is the unmissable ingredient of every successful meal.

Terroir & know-how

It’s the result of the commitment of the producers to the PDO “Ile de Ré Potato” Defense Federation which ensures the respect of the bill of specifications. This potato, which is the reflect of the island terroir and savoir-faire, will know who to open up your appetite and to arouse your curiosity…

The PDO Ile de Ré Potato

A seasonal pleasure, simple & unique